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Creating The Best Fluid Exhibition in China
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◆Front Cover:USD4,300/page(140×210mm) ◆Exhibitor Badge:USD5,000
◆Back Cover:USD3,300/page(140×210mm) ◆Visitor Badge:USD8,000
◆The Second Front Cover:USD2,000/page(140×210mm) ◆Visitor Badge:USD8,000
◆The Third Front Cover:USD2,000/page(140×210mm) ◆Ticket:USD8,000/10,000 pcs(210×90mm)
◆tile page:USD2,100/page(140×210mm) ◆Handbag(one side):USD8,000/1000 bags
◆Inside Color Page:USD1,000/page(140×210mm) ◆Product Promotion:
Exhibitor USD1,500/ 30mins
Non-exhibitor 2,500/ 30mins